Tim Carroll owner and founder of the Santa Fe Stagecoach Line, was born and raised in the heart of New Mexico film country. With over 28 years of experience we have extensive expertise in New Mexico & landscapes throughout the US.

We also have the ability to mobilize and travel to outside locations.

We own the only "real" movie livestock barn in New Mexico, beware of the pretenders.

We invite production, actors, and location personnel, out to see the ranch anytime.  Come ride our horses, or hook-up 2, 4 or 6 to one of our wagons or stagecoach.  See first hand what you are getting.

We have hosted many producers and actors at our movie livestock barn over the years, for livestock & equipment demonstrations.

We have 40 permanent horses and can locate as many more as needed.  All our horses ride, pack and drive.  We also have specialty horses, such as rearing, falling and laying down.
Santa Fe Stagecoach Line
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